shot glass
Issue # 4 May 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Julie's poems have appeared in the ezines The Fib Review, TheRightEyedDeer and in the anthologies; Body Parts & Coal Dust and Thistles in the Sandbox published by The Right Idea Press and Voices from Everywhere published by Demar Press. She's currently preparing a chapbook with Folded Word Press for release in Spring 2012 entitled Reading the Humber. A collection of her poetry is available as a free multi media presentation at Her work has recently been chosen to be partnered with original paintings as part of an exhibition by Scribd in Beverley Minster.

Julie writes about and photographs her local section of Yorkshire, England. Her keen eye finds the beauty, humour, and heart in the everyday. She is an active member of the Humber region's poetry community, she participates in readings and has had poetry nominated to be read at the Humber Mouth Literature Festival.

Julie Corbett


updating your birthday present

pieces of home made coconut ice
clumsy wrapping of brown paper
roughly knotted with hemp string
a gift hand crafted at school

chosen by my personal shopper
silk strands twisted in a bow
mimosa paper and bamboo motif
organic hand made coconut soap