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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Teddy has works in Paper Wasp, Shot Glass Journal, Gone Lawn, 50 Haikus, Inwood Indiana Press, Jitter Press, Paragraph Planet, and many other magazines and journals. If you don't find him sky gazing, you'll find him writing letters to Daily Nation, a Kenyan local newspaper.

Teddy Kimathi



Their souls dragged their bodies
across the dunes, as thirst chocked them.
Every one of them knew they were in the right place;
digging the dunes was cumbersome – sand kept on recollecting into the holes.
They were searching for anything that reminded
them who they really were.
A library of memories was buried beneath them;
its existence had become a legend.
Only that they forgot they had helped the desert storms to bury it.