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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Lorenz Poeschl (Pöschl) is an academic-English tutor and researcher. He recently completed his PhD in Education at University of Auckland's CLeaR, and his research interests include Settler Colonialism, Public Pedagogy, Affect Theory, National Identity/Memory, and the work of Peter Trawny. Lorenz emigrated to Aotearoa/New Zealand from Germany at a young age, and his origins motivate him to find ways of thinking about being in a settler-colonial territory as a stranger. Artistic writing/performing lets him explore his academic objects of inquiry from another angle. His work has appeared in zines, "Write Together," the "Journal of New Zealand Literature," and online. Lorenz lives in Auckland, NZ with his medical-researcher wife, LJ.

Lorenz Poeschl


An Implement

The roebuck fork is heavier and wider than a regular garden fork,
though not as heavy nor as wide as a broad fork:
it drags and angles through the soil,
a lever of bodies, weight that works,
blurring prepositions of ape and sweat and earth,
to churn my path, through the field,
through million lives with billion legs,
to open crumble-scapes that I have
learned to graticule;
the dwarf beans, too old for sale, with root-work inextricably
are to go in 40cms apart.
The unwanted [grass] comes loose, and the beans slot,
into their holes, there to grow
a life I cannot lead.