shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Sky-gazing is Teddy's first-love. You can find his works in Shot Glass Journal, Gone Lawn, Paper Wasp, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Spadina Literary Review, Inwood Indiana Press, Jitter Press, 50 Haikus, Three Line Poetry and many other magazines and journals. Time to time he publishes letters to the Daily Nation, a local newspaper. You can find his book "Eve and Other Sci-Fi Stories", in Booktango.

Teddy Kimathi



Someone once said faults
are like fleas; jumping from one
gene strand to another.
You can't see them coming;
they are part of us.
All we can do is to contain
them with a clear conscience.
Faith in something higher
than us isn't enough.
The stars need to see that we really mean it –
we want to change the course of our fate.
They don't want to be blamed for our mistakes any more.