shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Sterling Warner


Striped Zodiac

Althaea walked through city street jungles
& discothèque forests like a water tiger
dancing away wiles, strutting precision;
marveling at possibilities, regaling in new things,
she latched on to novelty like a curious child
longing for the thrill of initial experiences
to linger & establish her past-perfect future
where she'd dwell in winter's pristine ice
beauty clothed in light, broad snowflakes;
a panthera overachiever, Althaea dallied in romance
warmed up to multiple partners, defied taboos, maintained
flexibility, explored the art of love without restrictions;
when mods wore polka dots, Athaea fancied stripes
communicating mystically, healing spiritually;
deceased, she strolls among us still. Stealthily. Unseen.