shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Gail Ghai


A Place Where Color Lives

Profusely is how I thanked you for your painting. It hangs in a place where there is such sweet light, a southern gold exposure. A place where my coral hibiscus taps on beveled glass whenever the wind wants attention. It's a place where a pearl-skinned woman wades into water and begins to bathe with a scrub of eucalyptus, lather of lavender, rinse of rose petals as drops of Egyptian oil perfume the air.

It's a place where colors live reflected in your palette of pigments where you've mastered more than texture, pattern, intensity. You've formed movement like waves of water or liquid light in a place that hides the unseen, unknown, the un-forgiving fleshy layers of lives where blood itself is a painting with its scarlet-blue tinted travels moving between shade and shadow on its way to and from the heart.