shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Jennifer Wenn is a trans-identified writer and speaker from London, Ontario. Her first poetry chapbook, A Song of Milestones, has been published by Harmonia Press (an imprint of Beliveau Books). She has also written From Adversity to Accomplishment, a family and social history; and published poetry in WordCity Literary Journal, The Stratford Quarterly, Beliveau Review, Journey of the Heart, The Ekphrastic Review, Watchyourhead, Open Minds Quarterly, Tuck Magazine, Synaeresis, Big Pond Rumours, the League of Canadian Poets Fresh Voices, Wordsfestzine, and the anthologies Dénouement and Things That Matter. She is also the proud parent of two adult children. Visit her website at

Jennifer Wenn



I peer into the glass,
Looking for the woman
I know is there, but mostly I see a
Too-male shell staring back,
Facial stubble never quite gone,
Jaw line too strong, hair too thin,
Decades of conditioning
Clouding the view.
Others, some, say they see her,
But I have trouble,
The moult never to be completed.
Oh, but those magical moments
When the look is right, my soul open,
And for an instant, she's there,
For an instant I'm whole.