shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Lois Mary Hammond lives alternately in Edmonton, Alberta and Bamfield, B.C., a remote village on the Western edge of Canada. After a career in word-making as a freelance writer, teacher, and award-winning science writer, she now writes poetry. Lois considers the poets on her crowded bookshelf to be dear, life-long friends and her friends as walking, talking poems. (Who isn't?) She is active in two local poetry societies and has been published in three anthologies.

Lois Mary Hammond


Le Temps Retrouvé

On hearing a poet lament lost time in a Covid year

Wrestling the temper of Covid times,
we weep green for what's lost,
forgetting we can't lose time
any more than we can hold it
in our hands and wash it.
We only lose ourselves in time,
for a time.

But loosen our hold
on burnished ego's agenda —
Le temps retrouvé.