shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Gerry Mooney lives and writes in Ottawa, Canada. Her work has won awards and appeared in a number of Canadian anthologies and online.

Gerry Mooney


Before You Leave

We saunter through the garden neatly bedded
down for winter — potted annuals brusquely
trashed, hostas clipped, garden fixtures scrubbed
and stored, yet paling magnolia leaves
still linger. And we debate about you
leaving for the city in the morning, searching
job fairs as pandemic numbers surge, and
about me, who will do what mothers do,
worry until you come home.

But in this moment, we relax and laugh,
sip rosé from long-stemmed goblets,
each one's bowl a tiny replica of late-day sun,
azure sky, glimmering golds and radiant
reds of an autumn still intact. At least until
tomorrow, when the rains return.