shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Majella Haugh is a poet living with disability in Ireland. Her writing has given her a sense of purpose and joy over the last few years and especially during this pandemic. She has been published at home in the UK and the US.

Majella Haugh


A man sits in a Hostel in Perth, Australia

With two passports and no identity
sits with weak coffee, in the strong sunlight
thinking of black widows brown snakes
of those he left behind in a place
with too many questions, too many checkpoints
too many boundaries, inside too many fences

A man sits in a hostel in Perth
it was 100 degrees, but he was cold
he had been to the park
and sat with a man
who had 40,000 years behind him, but no future
treated like a alien in his own country
speaking a language that was losing its connections
a new world pushing through his guts