shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Gopal Lahiri is a bilingual poet, critic, editor, writer and translator. He is the author of 22 books published. His poems, translations and book reviews have been published across various journals. Recent credits: Ink Sweat & Tears, Catjun Mutt Press, Harbinger Asylum, Impspired, Verse Virtual, Borderless Journal, Different Truth, Piker Press, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Daily Sun, Spillwords, Internationaltimes, NewYork Parrot, Tourvallie Review, Indian Periodicals, Setu, Muse India, Glomag and elsewhere. His poems are translated in 14 languages.

Gopal Lahiri


Mirrored Room

Nights litter with question marks
you breathe out, like it really means something
the single light on the wall paper
curves a pastel pink face,
invites longshore current in the marble floor.

When the little ideas slip into our bodies
they step through the mirror, enter
a noise of shadow and nuance–
looking through window, the cavernous eyes
fix me for months, years, ages–

Still, I'll take a few things home –
the photo albums, that terracotta toys,
Japanese ink on khadi paper, canvas
in the hope of going some way towards rich
memories left in this mirrored room.