shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Elaine Lifter


Date of Insurrection

Signal the cockroaches, divide, multiply. Hard to determine how many. Insidious. What for? Slither across the cement steps, raised in dignity, not for this. what for?
Laying eggs and shit as they travel, when they go straight up the wall, we know we are done for. What for? Who knew they could break glass like that? And be shot and killed with one bullet. Capital forces may have armed with boric acid, knowing the immunity of this species to pesticides, but rather, and most surprising, side-stepped the swarm, posed with them, led them to greater chambers where they could, briefly in the big history, take over. Like their leader who loves them and fed and nurtured them to come to this moment, their anatomy dictates, they do not need a brain to move in this direction.