shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Amrita Valan is a writer from India, a mother of 2 boys who loves to observe life and jot down her reflections on it from time to time. She has written over a thousand poems on Love, Spirituality, Grief and the human emotions, and also short stories and essays. Her poems stories and essays have been published or accepted for publication on a few online zines and anthologies such as Cafe Dissensus, Impspired, Spillwords and YouandMe Medical journal.

Amrita Valan


Come and Get

I hold you within my treasure chest of knick knacks
Odds and ends, am magpie, hoarding bling, I keep
things you'd weep to see.
Your army dog tag, from before you lost sensation in both your legs
and got discharged. The first international conference you attended,
they gave you a gold pin. I treasure it, and it is safe my dear,
Should you return. Or not. Your son craves it.
I have your old dog eared diary, bible and class photo.
in it you look a gangling nerdy hick, i can hardly believe my taste in men,
But you were a sweet boy and I was just your girl from then.
Oh pretty magpie, have you come to collect your toys?
My heart is not a plaything, but carry it safely
to him now. I know how deep he rests, under the yew tree
you built your tumble me down nest.
Mine was scattered into his ashes and scents the winds of memories.