shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Hibah Shabkhez is a writer of the half-yo literary tradition, an erratic language-learning enthusiast, a teacher of French as a foreign language and a happily eccentric blogger from Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has previously appeared in the Rockford Review, Qwerty, The Blue Nib, Ligeia, Cordite Poetry, Headway Quarterly and a number of other literary magazines. Studying life, languages and literature from a comparative perspective across linguistic and cultural boundaries holds a particular fascination for her. Blog:

Hibah Shabkhez



All water vessels have rivering hearts
Yearning to spin away the dreary parts
Of the unfurnishment of frost-stript trees
With gurgled legends, wild laughing stories

Of a cardamom plunging into blue
Depths with whooping glee, and the old clove, true
To form, beginning to wail and lament
'She drowneth'; but it is only her spent

Laughter bubbling on the rippling water.
She rises with the sun, river-daughter
Of tilted goblets drained by linen-thirst
Choking quests for a sea to drown in first