shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


The muse of poetry-writing visited Teddy in 2002, while he was pursuing his studies in Nkubu High School. You can find his poems in Inwood Indiana Press, Shot Glass Journal, Leaves of Ink, and many other journals. He also has fiction works in Beyond Science Fiction, Jitter Press, Brilliant Fiction Magazine, Spadina Literary Review, Paragraph Planet, & Gone Lawn.

Teddy Kimathi


Ghost Ship

They held themselves tight in the mist,
as the wooden deck made a warping sound.
The rudder spun professionally,
without any living soul
touching it. Portraits of great sailors hang
on the walls of the ship's corridors,
giving an impression of an invincible voyage
throughout time. Only two days the sun was visible;
at that time, skeletons of past mistakes
could be seen drifting far away. The ocean
smelled like an old library.