shot glass
Issue # 3 January 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare



a poem starting with a Louise Glück line

I fell asleep in the river, I woke in the river,
the river swallowed me, the river gargled me,
the river flowed through small towns, the river changed names,
I saw the releasing arms of land, I renamed the river, ocean,

I fell asleep in the ocean, I woke in the ocean,
the ocean intimated a nightmare, the ocean said it was a secret,
the ocean solemnly insisted, the ocean was a bed on which no-one could lay,
I imagined a boat-less bed, I pictured a clear blue sky,

I fell asleep in the ocean, I woke in a dream,
the dream was of a nervous cradle, the dream was of my body being rocked
the dream was of the ocean's permeable arms, the dream made the ocean's arms weak,
I slipped through the ocean's arms, I felt the ocean wave back to land,

I fell beneath a bed, I dream beneath a bed,
the bed remembers a lover, the bed practices holding her,
the bed is too warm to build muscle, the bed never grows ice,
I sleep under a boat-less bed, I know the eternal caress of currents,