shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Robert L. Dean, Jr.


Pete & Bella

stenciled on a pirate's chest of a tail box,
and there they are, the two of them,

Pete's silver-streaked hair billowing out
from a battered Royals blue World Series cap,
long loose fingers flirting with clutch and throttle,
white socks in moccasins dallying on foot pegs,

Bella behind him, face wearing the mileage
of all the places they've been, hands
not wrapped around Pete but resting on
her Wrangler-jeaned knees, no hopeless romantics

these two, no ape hanger handlebars, no
Gucci saddlebags, no GPS, just
an ancient Electra Glide held together by
duct tape and baling wire, cruising east

to where the sun always rises,
plundering back roads as they go.