shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Grace Hu is female, queer and Australian Born Chinese.

Grace Hu


Gemina Diaboli

I catch her between two mirrors and in repeated words.
Leave her on the threshold and lay out water bowls.
She doubles in the windows of bright lit night time trains,
She touches my hair like a lover looks at me with the eyes of a disappointed mother.
After I take a shower my reflection comes out dry I splash salted water on the aluminium
backed mirror and cross my fingers.
I put up evil eyes.
I throw my lucky cat in the trash.
My new lights only make the shadows starker.
My selfies smile unkindly.
I double up my efforts my laptop camera winks at the closet mirror as I sit wrapped in crosses she won't wear.
Still she won't leave me and still my reckoning draws near.