shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Shilpa Dikshit Thapliyal is a computer professional turned homemaker turned writer.

You can find some of her poems in 'Anima Methodi' ( Squircle Line Press 2018) , 'Asingbol - An Archaeology of the Singapore poetic form ' (Squircle Line Press 2017), 'Taj Mahal Review' (June 2018) , 'We Are A Website' (Issue #9), 'Shot Glass Journal' ( Online journal #24) and during the National Library Board's 'Poetry On The Platform ' exhibition (2015). Her short story has also received a commendation in India Se Asian Women Writers festival, Singapore 2016. Shilpa resides in Singapore with her family.

Shilpa Dikshit Thapliyal


Ghazal of Lunar conversations

I watch your arcs bloom as a Romeo swoons
then you lie curled in oblivion, a new moon
How do you maneuver ivory and ebony
then pale a cheek with rise of the blood moon?
Do you chant hymns in sheaths of nadir
or the lark conjures your orbits, dear super moon?
You lure Adam's ale into false territory
lips miss the sip in your lands, restless moon.
I trace your scars in fields of solitude
glue my cracked bits into porcelain white as a moon.
Ungainly and raw, I whisper my prayer
'make me a spoke in your wheel dear moon.'
"Poonam, my namesake, scripted in another tongue
delight in the mavericks and emerge a full moon."