shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Gerard Sarnat


Francine's Memorial

Her slow growing plant bloomed an adult. That's cause to celebrate even when wilted. During early mo[u]rning's regathering of old community, our children and theirs show up demonstrating you can't put fetters on love. Second time in two weeks, what once served as a post birthday suit, at first I wore to brisses, bat mitzvahs then to weddings has become what one uses for funerals. From this moment on, my change of plans is to leave dress shirt with its tie tied plus belt already looped --'til homebound thusly no longer able to attend such events. Both women had made earth much better extending themselves to whomever needs. I admit overlooking those impacts compared to less transcendent men's curriculum vitae...She laughed just like bells which now toll.