shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Andrew Szilvasy


Off Nantucket

Rancagua partied, but I kept alone,
like night, and only went out that day because
it rained.
smiled: I tried it on.
She groaned:
I tipped the hat in an "American" pose.
And though I bought it with an ironic bent,
it did its job: my hair was dry and I—
I grabbed a drink. It went wherever I went
from then on: weddings, art shows, late night diners,
and on that fateful whale watch. Do people
ever really see them
? All I saw:
my hat ripped overboard, somehow peaceful
as it sunk into the salty maw.

So this is death, losing a treasured hat?
And yet I cannot stop weeping for it.