shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I am American poet living in Czechia, Europe. I graduated from Brooklyn College many years ago with an MFA, having studied under the tutelage of Allen Ginsberg. Today I run an English-language bookstore and sit on the board of non-profit that is primarily involved with teaching English to school-age children and as an English-language resource and community center. My poems have appeared over the years in Bombay Gin, Mudfish, Brooklyn Review, The Transnational and Otoliths along with other literary outlets. I have been anthologized in The Return of Král Majáles.

Tim Rogers


Tuning Fork

break down hunger and distaste
threaded through a gentle midday breeze
through a silken spider web barrier
tendrils attach to antipodes caught
a gridwork of slight vibrations left to under-
lie the lines the space suggested
between one man's standing edifice
and the wind-whipped yielding branch tip
of his tethered internal dissonance
panicked ecstasies in the fixed buzzing
keyed to a basic rhythmic value
of during or the moment just before
in her patchwork of delicate imbalances