shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Daniel Birnbaum lives in France. Aside from French literary journals his poems have appeared in Acorn, Atlas Poetica, Bamboo Hut Journal, Blue Heron Review, Chrysanthemum, Dragon Poet Review, Eucalypt, Failed Haiku, Modern Haiku, One-Sentence Poems, Presence, Red Wolf Journal, Shot Glass Journal, Stardust Haiku, Skylark, Three Line Poetry and World Haiku Review. He has twelve books published.

Daniel Birnbaum


The Dog

Stiff and swollen
the dead dog is ready to be buried
If only the frozen ground
was not so cold so hard to dig
and the dog so big
why did he have to die in winter
like old men
The children stayed inside
saying some prayers
that they hope will go through the window
wondering if dogs have souls and if they do
what species does not
if the blanket they provided will keep him warm
and when they will have another dog
one that will not die until they grow up
and have learnt more about souls.