shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Tricia M G Kennedy is an Australian born artist, writer and poet living in New Zealand. Her work orbits nature and its effect on the individual while occasionally dipping its toes into other puddles, everywhere.

Tricia M G Kennedy



The paletted shadows across the ground grow grey.
Watching the sand snake and sidewind into the shore reaching up towards the dunes,
but never making it before the current sucks it back to sea.

The sound of the, wheeze, my, breath, and, my,

Bones like, muffled thuds from
un-felted bass drum
on my ankles on my knees
Ripping at pig skins
Until my two shins meet

Serrated sticks and smashed shells
needling my legs — staccato

The long shore draws back then slows
As the cloud goes and the birds pose
When sand glows under my nose and the day's close,
blankets over me