shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Caroline Am Bergris has a background in musical theatre, philosophy, theology, satirical writing for radio and theatre and mediation. She had to flee to a domestic violence refuge in fear of her life, was made disabled by an accident and has severe mental health problems which led to her living on the streets of London and being in a coma after a suicide attempt. She has been mentored by Cinnamon Press and has had poems published in several journals including Ariadne's Thread and LondonGrip.

Caroline Am Bergris


Unrealised Salt

Unrealised salt –
when an avalanche falls without me.
After hours of crying,
a check in the mirror
reveals a wide vertical white stripe
down my chin and neck,
Adam Ant gone wrong:
a shock anointing of crystals,
a highway code of misery.
Proof that my tribe of one
suffers sublimely,
more than I think.