shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Geula Geurts is a Dutch born poet living in Jerusalem. She completed her MFA in Poetry at Bar Ilan University. Her mini-chapbook 'Like Any Good Daughter' came out with Platypus Press. Further work has appeared or is forthcoming in Tinderbox Editions, Rogue Agent, Hermeneutic Chaos, Jellyfish Review, Cactus Heart, Minerva Rising Press, The Fem, among others. She works as a Foreign Rights Agent at The Deborah Harris Literary Agency.

Geula Geurts


Psalm 45

All the glory of the King's daughter
is internal, but her garments flare

with gold. Her modesty is embroidered,
measured by bearded men with the breadth

of a rugged hand, clouting her into
covering: no collarbones, no elbows,

no scraped knees, no tongues, as if no lips—
no hymen, as if no hips. No clitoris

linking inside to out. The glory of God's
daughter has no body, yet David covets it.

His tongue is the pen that writes—virgin
O virgin, you shall be brought to the palace.

He wants the myrrh of her skin
beneath the golden dress.

All her glory eternally his.