shot glass
nz shot glass
Issue # 2 September 2010
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Sean Joyce was born in Galway in the west of Ireland and later lived in Spain and London before moving to New Zealand. He works in Software Sales and Marketing. His interests include Psychology, History and Public Speaking. He did a stint at Stand-up-comedy and now does occasional Readings and some Performance Poetry. His poem How Fast do You Dig (On the death of Federico Garcia Lorca) is in the anthology, 'THE ORIGINAL BRANCH MANUAL catalyst 7'. Apart from that his poems have not been published but have received some Commendations and Honourable Mentions, including: The First People which won an honourable mention in the 2006 War Poetry Contest sponsored by Winning Writers. A Pantoum in the NZ Bush is published in a New Zealand Secondary schools text book.

Sean Joyce


My mother phoned today

My mother phoned today
Strange but nice since she is dead
I didn't answer but still felt
That it was sweet of her to call