shot glass
nz shot glass
Issue # 2 September 2010
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Aalix Roake is an American-born writer (and artist) now making her home in New Zealand. With an emphasis on genre as well as mainstream, her work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies including "The New Zealand Anthology of Science Fiction Poetry" 2009 (as Dana Bryce) (print), to "Blackmail Press16" (online, her poetry and art ), to "TinyWords" (online, Haiku and art) and many others. She has a poem upcoming in "Astropoetica (online). Under variations based on Sandra (Stuart) (SJ) Burkhardt, she has appeared previously in "Short Short Stories by Women Writers II" (print anthology), SFPA "Star*Line" (print), "Aliens and Lovers" (print anthology) and a large variety of other publications in genres ranging from technical medical writing to popular slick magazine nonfiction and is listed in Scott Green's "Contemporary Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Poetry: A Resource Guide and Biographical Directory"(print). She oftens signs her art as AalixR. Personal reinvention requires frequent name changes.

Aalix Roake


Doubts at Midnight

Above the desert highway,
sounds of blue pick-ups
and green tractor trailers
red-shifting by,
sits an emptied dream
of Robin Hood turrets
and miniature Great Rooms.

Disrespectful lizards,
improperly sized for grandeur,
fall on our heads and confused,
dash into the dark.

Where is the one who made this?
And who else is building follies in the desert
for the amusement of tiny reptiles?