shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Robin Helweg-Larsen is a British-born, Caribbean-raised poet who has been living between the Bahamas and the US for 25 years. His work is mostly published in the UK (Ambit, Snakeskin, etc).

Robin Helweg-Larsen


An Atheist Hopes For Heaven

There flows in my veins the most ancient of ardors:
Not power, or love, nor yet worship of God;
The fight that each tiniest baby fights hard as
Fought earliest man: "Understand!" Pry and prod
With unquenchable flame of the world-disregarders
For Truth! – be it complex, destructive or odd.
If this fire is from Heaven, then Heaven I've earned;
So write on my grave: "This stone too shall be turned."