shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Inas Essa is a journalist. She also writes poetry and short stories. She studied journalism at the faculty of masscommunication, Cairo University. Her flash fiction has been published in long story short and poetry in Literature today (volume 2 and 4), Scarborough arts (big art book 2013), every day poems, poemsjunction and Alex agenda (printed magazine). Her work concentrates mainly on words and feelings that remain unspoken, whatever because of fear or pain yet they are considered the most important part in people's life.

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Inas Essa



I'm not enough for me.
I've hunger for being many.
I've many dreams to fulfill,
Masks to put on,
Characters I've just created
And never saw the light.

So don't try to convince me
To be just one;
The multi characters within
Are waiting, eager and shouting
To have their share
To seize their turn!