shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Bethany Tiddy studies Creative Writing, English Literature and Theatre at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Her work has appeared in Salient, her University's student magazine. By day she sips bottomless coffee at the local poetry club, and by night she enjoys live theatre.

Bethany Tiddy



First I remove the snap-lock bag, then I stir
the thick lake of kumara and place it

inside this vessel of radiation that
hums my lunch and I back to life like

He did 2,000 years ago with handfuls
of dirt and the breath of the spirit

that hasn't stopped dancing, even now
after two minutes of spinning

on a plate and up above, the place
he knows better than I, each ingredient

better than I, each conversation
needed to be had, each tear needed to be

leaked and tissues, in their divine place
are now crumpled and stained orange