shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Don Brandis


The Monkey on My Shoulder

the monkey on my shoulder has a glib routine
he used to do standup in seedy bars
sometimes he's a parrot
a shameless mimic with no mercy
mercy is extra, he says if asked
there's space available on my other shoulder
I'm interviewing candidates next week
a number have applied but few sound serious
a snake in Fresno says she does a pretty coil
a blue-grey sloth says she's almost shoulder trained
an imaginary hippo from Detroit says
she used to be an alligator but is sick of swamps
I'm holding out for an angel but who isn't
my shrink says Lacan does good shoulder
if you understand him even a little, but Nietzsche is over-rated
meanwhile I'm finding the shiny vacancy stimulating