shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Forthcoming books in 2015 include A Dark Energy (full length novel) from Aignos Publishing Inc, Zimbabwe :The Urgency Of Now, FINDING A WAY HOME, and REVOLUTION all from Langaa RPCIG, THE GRAPH OF LOVE from Pen Featherz Media. Work has been published in over 300 journals, anthologies and magazines in over 27 countries.

Tendai R. Mwanaka


When escape becomes the only lover

When you have bagged pain inside like bagging knows no weight
And bled you have, an uncommon white. And felt you have, an uncommon black
Escape becomes the only lover

Escape becomes an artwork-in-progress
There is time to step away from the canvass, sometimes into another room
The lover you have wanted to hold, sometimes onto the flowered meadowlands

And move away to Chinhoyi

Transcending the aloneness of being separate from others
Empty spaces, sane spaces, absences, like giving away your own death
Answers that are not on the wind

Escape becomes wide awake-dreaming, like running away from you
On your way to yourself
There are a few to be loved; escape is a picker that way
Escape becomes the wife you don't remember marrying.