shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Kaitlyn Perrin grew up in Montreal, Quebec and spent her childhood summers in the country with her family. Spending so much time outdoors; playing cops and robbers and relying solely on imagination, ingrained in her a sense of adventure, and appreciation for the natural world which continues to inspire her writing. Her family gave her strong morals and made her passionate about speaking out for the underdog. Kaitlyn is taking a major in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing at Concordia University, and hopes to generate poetry that pushes at boundaries and asks people to think, look and experience outside the box. Kaitlyn and Hobbes (her French Bulldog, and partner in crime) are always looking for bountiful adventures and outrageous gadabouts to experience and write about. She believes in the value of the little things, and hopes that through writing she can be a voice that inspires positivity in others.

Kaitlyn Perrin



How many times does a wanderer step
On a twig before it snaps
How many feet tread
How many zigzag shapes of rubber press
Into the wood before it releases its hold on itself
And becomes broken

How many travelers care,
Are tethered to what they've wrecked
How many ears pick up the snap
Do any stop to cradle? Lather sap on both ends
Try to stick it back with its own lifeblood
How many hold the halves in hand and stop to cry, to ponder

I wonder what the wanderers do
When they take a step they can't un-break
Each foot; a different soul
A different imprint in the wood