shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Bianca Bowers is a South-Africa born, Australian-based, poet who has also lived in New Zealand and Britain. Her poetry has appeared in Tongue in Your Ear, Volume 4 (Four/Two Publishing) and the Art Toppling Tobacco Project (2013). She is the author of Death and Life, and you can find her at

Bianca Bowers


She leaves her soul in the stairwell

She leaves her soul in the stairwell
at dusk

Folds her petticoat heart
before the snow-capped raven
serenades the moon

Padlocks her tongue
while the storm gathers emotion

Slips into a bath of disinfectant
to scrub the subterranean scars

When her skin catches its breath

She secures her anxiety
to a moth's wings

and watches it flee the night.