shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


B N Oakman, formerly an academic economist, started writing poetry in 2006. He has since published many poems in Australia and overseas as well as a full-length book, In Defence of Hawaiian Shirts (Interactive Press 2010) and two booklets, Chalk Dust (2009) and Secret Heart (2013), both with Mark Time Books. He was awarded a grant by the Literature Board of the Australia Council, his work is recorded on the ABC Classics CD, Peter Cundall Reads War Poetry and he reads his poetry at various events and festivals. He was a Pushcart Prize nominee for 2015. His latest full-length collection, Second Thoughts (Interactive Press) was launched in October 2014.

B N Oakman


sonnet for my flybuys card

driving home chuffed satisfied in lazy kind of way
boot crammed with provisions enough for week
perhaps two settled no cash no credit just points
won absent-minded traipsing bank supermarket
servo suddenly a few hundred dollars less than
cleverly made prize for turning up not like tracking
the beast careful to stay downwind edge closer
closer rush hurl spear slices air squelch of tissue
smash of bone thrash crash writhe twitch light
dying in limpid pool of eye finish it blow from axe
home is the hunter joy children giggle glances from
women measured regard from men blood mingles
with sweat trickles between shoulder blades spear
axe bright with blood no place no pocket for plastic