shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Adeiza is a writer of poetry, prose, and song lyrics. His poems and short stories have featured in both soft and printed copies in Nigeria and abroad. Some of the publications include 'Write for Light: A Collection of True Stories and Poems about Finding Light in the Darkness' edited by Daniel Tucker & Hwyleth Griffith, among others.

Atureta Adeiza


Nothing To Lose

My heart is at sea in the diversity of our intention,
And there's nothing but blame, and defame, on my face.

Sadly, the reason to explore further, and the capacity,
To reconcile the margins of our acceptability; is no longer there –
For somehow, I let it vanish into thin air.

And now, my heart thinks our love was weightless, and made no sense after all!

But in truth, it was I, the novice, who felt beautiful all the same.