shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


The muse of poetry-writing visited Teddy, as he attended his high school studies in Nkubu High School in Meru, in 2002. Nature and silence is his greatest and best source of inspiration. He has a poem, "Poem without words", published in Issue #11 in Shot Glass Journal; a haiku poem in Issue #25 in Three Line Poetry; a humor piece, "In Search of the Mind", in Every Day Poets and a forthcoming publication of "The Miserable Physicist", in Leaves of Ink. He has also published a poetry book, titled "Painting of Life in Poetry", published by lulupress". He has a blog,, where he publishes interesting literary works from time to time. Anyone is free to be a member and contributor.

Teddy Kimathi



It is like an ocean wave that is alive in one moment,
then it becomes part of the ocean the next moment;
the wave is unable to be alive for eternity. The wave only exists
in photos, but not in the next few minutes......