shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Jesus Chameleon is the nom de guerre of an American poet, a Catholic poet, an emerging poet, and a new poet; and, an essayist. A first book of poetry, a chapbook of unpublished works, entitled, Friending (A Collection of Poems), was considered for one of the annual awards of the Poetry Society of America. The same chapbook was reviewed by The Academy of American Poets for the Walt Whitman Award.

Published works of poetry by Jesus Chameleon include: "Candles," (untitled haiku), and "An A & F Ad, a Bizarre Controversy on Television." Lyric poems by this emerging poet can be found online in Haiku Journal, at, in Poetry Haiku, in Three Line Poetry, and in World Haiku Review. Other published works of poetry are forthcoming. As a guest writer, Jesus Chameleon, is credited with publishing a short short story entitled, "Hellish Pathway to a Portal," in Haggard & Halloo Magazine.

Social media platforms with accounts for Jesus Chameleon include:;; Facebook; Myspace;; Twitter (@JesusChameleon); and YouTube. A website is located at

Jesus Chameleon



synagogue tree lights...
mass, pews of prayers singing
year of holy tears