shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I am a poet from Meru, in Kenya. The muse of poetry-writing visited me in 2002, while in High School. I believe that poetry is a language that souls use to communicate to each other, without diluting or exaggerating our emotions, though the metaphors may be very abstract. I am at present working on my first poetry book.

Teddy Kimathi


Poem without words

My poem to you is not written
on a paper by a feather pen;
is not written on sand by a stick;
is not written in the clear, night sky
by fireworks; neither uttered
from my lips.
Sitting next to you, while putting your arm
on my chest to feel my heart-beat,
as it plays a rhythm to the blinding light
of love deep in your eyes, is my poetry
to you...
A poem that will never fade or depart
in our love.