shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Rishan Singh is a prize-winning South African poet, a biologist and a writer. He began writing poetry from a very young age. He has also been published in the sciences. He gained prominence in the international literary arena, when his autobiographical piece won the most reads award in the United States, after gracing the shores in the United Kingdom, in a book by South African writers. He has received South African and other international honours for writing and science. He still lives in Durban, South Africa, where he is involved in motivating students, and teaching them how, to use the English language properly for different purposes, while highlighting the importance of English as an international language to people of different ethnicities and cultures. He is well-known in the academic arena and to different government officials through merely the merits of his work. He has accomplished global excellence, and has established himself as an influential person in the world. His writing is usually original, but occasionally he also derives his work from other published poets.

Rishan Singh


Honesty And Love

In my country, South Africa, I am a man
who is smaller than my dreams,
yet bigger than nothing.
Politeness, they say,
is the quality for acceptance.
Some call this home, some call it
love. Some glasses in the world
are translucent. For Secrecy.
Leave my clothes on and you'll see
me transparent. For Life.