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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mutiu Olawuyi (popularly called the Jungle Poet) is an international award-winning poet - 2012 International Who's Who in Poetry Awardee, USA; 2013 World Poetry Empowered Poet Awardee,Canada, and 2014 Marqui's Who's Who in the World Listee, USA. He has authored four books of poetry (i.e. American Literary Legends and Other Poems [2010], Thoughts from the Jungle [2012], 9/11 Poetry [2012], and The Journey to the Archangels [2013]) and has edited numerous international anthologies, journals and magazines. Mutiu also has some of his poems, short stories and research papers published in online and offline journals and magazines in India, Ireland, England, Canada, Greece, Nigeria and USA. Finally, some of his works have been translated to Arabic, French, Esperantos, Malayalam, Telugu and Hungarian. Go to for more information about him.

Mutiu Olawuyi


African Dew

We live the clouds of petite drops
We breathe in hush on cereal crops
The stagnant streams wet our slim throats
The palmsticks paddle our canoes.
Our nostrils smell evens and odds
Scarcely sight delight our eyeballs –
Our heads are rotten; hearts contoured –
Our veins are not in true accord.
We let not lie the sleeping dogs
Lest rain rarely visits our blogs.
The lesser Lord, they say, mans us
No rescue from the man on cross.
With whip we daily whine and weep
Our tongues no longer call but beep...