shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


A computer engineer from Cairo, Egypt. Whenever he can escape from the hectic city, Muhammad Moneib usually enjoys drawing cartoons and conceptual art, reading about science and history, and photographing his surroundings. He also writes occassionaly in Arabic or English about Egypt, nature, and the human condition.

Muhammad Moneib


Rat Races

Taking the same old routes,
Tracking the same old traces,
Wearing the same old boots,
Facing the same old faces,
That I do bear no more.

Passing by every day,
Swirling the trap-like mazes;
Dazzling brain gone astray,
Counting repeated phases:
My everlasting bore.

Fleeing a truth so flat,
Dreaming of better places;
Woken by fellow rats,
Racing in trifling races,
No rat had won before.