shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Duke Benson is in his mid-twenties and lives in Ghana. He is a physics enthusiast, an aspiring novelist and a part-time tutor who spends more time in his imaginary world than in the real world. Reading is his first love. Some of his poems have been featured online and in a couple of anthologies. He has a garden which is not frequently managed at home, and at

Duke Benson


The Moon Sings

The moon sings
A clear, melodious voice
Filling the niches of silence
Exposing the mist of darkness

The moon sings
Its song, an escort to my path
Erasing unholy thoughts from my mind
Decapitating the evil within

The moon sings
Its song, a constant reminder
Of hope, of a future bright
Of hope

The moon sings...