Issue #4  

Roxanne Hoffman worked on Wall Street, now answers a patient hotline for a major New York home healthcare provider.  Her poetry has recently appeared in Amaze: The Cinquain Journal, Danse Macabre, Hospital Drive, Liquid Imagination, Lucid RhythmsMOBIUS The Poetry Magazine, Shofar Literary Review, and Word Slaw.  Her writing been anthologized in The Bandana Republic: A Literary Anthology By Gang Members And Their Affiliates (Soft Skull Press) and in Love after 70 (Wising Up Press) both released in 2008. Her vampire poetry can be heard during the 2005 independent film, “Love & The Vampire,” directed by David Gold and starring Rick Poli. Her live spokenword performances have been aired on cable (Poetry Thin Air, The Art House Show),20with interviews on UHF-TV (The New Yorkers) and WKCR 89.9 FM NY (Art Waves), and most recently podcast on the internet on IndieFeed: Performance Poetry. She owns the small press, POETS WEAR PRADA.  Visit her press site at