Issue #4  

Donna Gagnon lives in Canada and works for a charity that offers cancer survivors and their families a week at a donated cottage.

In her spare time, she writes plays, poetry and short fiction. Publication credits include: Walking Home in Gatto Publishing’s StoriEs e-anthology; flash fiction, poetry and short stories in SmokeLong Quarterly, SaucyVox Review, Smokebox, Wingspan Quarterly, Bewildering Stories and Gold Dust Magazine. Her one act play, Deception, was performed at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2005. A collection of interlinking prose poems, Two Double Beds in a Comfort Hotel, appears in New Writings in the Fantastic, edited by John Grant (aka Paul Barnett) and published by Pendragon Press.

Donna got hooked on Fibs years ago and was honoured to have one chosen by the form’s inventor, Gregory K. Pincus, as a runner-up in the Fib contest.