My window
Waits for me to join.
First I must prepare, be aware
Of what's at stake, so I awake to the morning sounds
Of cicada sonatas and dissonant machines, unwilling to settle into
The routine of marching through the day to destinations negotiated by restless necessity, hours lost to a race never won.
Beauty in nature neglected for pilfered coins to count, forged from ore-stolen from the core-to make a forgery of the heart and soul;
the nature of ourselves summed up in sequenced code. Go! Go! Go! Find the Golden Ratio:
In honeybees and their family trees, in flower petals and animal flight patterns, in leaves, galaxies, spiral shells and our bodies.
Life's sequence fitted and framed in artistic beauty from Botticelli to Dali,
Reflected and imitated aesthetically,
To rid chaos for harmony.
Look out and around
You will see