Lorrie Desbien
Baby Sleep



Drift off.

Slumber, child.

Go home to warm sleep.

Where curious carousels spin.

Where scarecrows and men of gingerbread race on ahead.

Where spiderwebs soften the rocky spire of the place the dragon awaits...watching you.

Where peacocks wear new shoes and a dragonfly dances with the moon? the candlesticks and crayons shade the world with
curious color and light.

Where snowflakes are angel kisses and dust is magic sprinkles? bubbles and seashells and picnic tables and hickory trees are the things of fancy battle quests and enchantment? seahorses and rabbits dance to purple music.

Where you soar through pink and yellow skies hand in hand with the muffin man and santa claus and contrary girls from nursery rhymes as you sigh.

Where baby chicks and bull frogs play in the shade of apple trees while airplanes loopdeloop.

Where pockets full of rye become blackbirds in a pie.

Where balloons turn to lollypops.

Where sleeping babies wake.

Rubbing eyes.