Muse-Pie Press, founded in the early 80s by R.G. Rader, has been known for the publication of award-winning poetry and poets and has developed a reputation for being open to all styles and genres of the poetic voice, including haiku, experimental work, spoken word poetry and confessionalist, narrative, academic, philosophical, formalist, or other contemporary styles and genres.

If it is good poetry, with technical proficiency and emotional appeal, Muse-Pie takes it seriously.

Drawing by Heather Stivison


The artwork for Muse-Pie Press' new site design was drawn by Heather Stivison and used on the very first issue of Muse-Pie Journal in 1981. We would like to thank her for her permission to use it again for our new digital design. Heather's work has been widely exhibited and can be found on her site at



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Shannon Joy Wazny

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adel kenny


Pandemic: A Worldwide Community Poem of poets'
contributions from sixteen countries on their thoughts of
living through this worldwide pandemic.

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