shot glass
Issue # 4 May 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I have developed a love of Haiku, Tanka, Fibonacci and other forms of short poetry. The challenge of saying as much as possible, in as few words as possible, is an exercise I enjoy. My poetry has been published on-line and in hard copy in: Kokako, The Fine Line (N.Z. Poetry Society Magazine) The Fib Review, Shot Glass Journal, Valley Micropress and Lucidity Poetry Magazine (USA).
I work constantly at improving my skills in various writing mediums. My first love is poetry.

Deryn Pittar

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"Goodbye Amelia Grace"

a moment of stillness
when bowed heads lift one by one
catching sight of the curve of light
dancing off silver coffin handles
handkerchiefs attend to wet cheeks
A shaft of sun
on a single red rose
memories float as dust motes
a gold bangle
anchors three pink balloons
on the small white lid.